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3 Anime Series That Will Inspire You to be a Healthy Handyman

Need the inspiration to conquer a killer workout? Watch these anime series, and you’ll no longer be a rusty torque wrench! Handymen need to be fit too, you know.

Hajime no Ippo

Hajime no Ippo

This Japanese boxing anime is an inspiration to anyone, not just to handyman and aspiring boxers. Ippo, the main character, is trying to learn how to be strong. But first, he must find out what it means to be strong. What’s the real definition of strength anyway? In this anime, he begins as a coward trying to make himself physically and mentally strong through intense workouts, perseverance, and passion. I won’t spoil the anime for you, but I will at least tell you this: It has a happy ending. This action-packed anime is a must-watch. You’ll learn a lot from Ippo’s hard work and determination. It’s one inspiring series you shouldn’t miss.


majorAll sports anime has some training attached to it. But this one is the best among the rest when it comes to encouraging handymen and others to stay healthy. It tells the story of a talented Goro and his life with baseball. It documents his development as a young athlete to a veteran player. Major focuses on how Goro trains hard to improve his skills, especially as a pitcher. After all, the major league doesn’t just need a talented player, just as the world doesn’t need a talented handyman only; it requires a skilled one. Major is an inspiring anime that will make you push yourself towards your health goal. It teaches about the importance of never giving up even if the whole world’s turning against you. You don’t have to play baseball to understand the lesson of the anime. In fact, you may even learn to like the sport because of Major. Just like Ippo, Goro’s story ended happily. I have to warn you, though: The anime could be a bit emotional, so prepare some tissue.

One Punch Man

one-punch-man-saitama_a-G-15325187-0The last one on the list tells the story of Saitama, a superhero in Z-City, who has trained himself to be ridiculously strong that he can defeat any opponent with a single punch (hence, the name). He struggles to find a worthy opponent he won’t effortlessly beat.

This anime will make you laugh while inspiring you to stay healthy as well. After all, a handyman who isn’t fit can’t perform his job correctly. You wouldn’t want to miss a chance to work too, especially if you’re a beginner. Obviously, you’ll need to work out and stay healthy if you wish to keep your job. You may not be able to defeat evil forces with a single punch, but if you’re fit, you can finish your tasks quickly and without much effort.

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Spotting the Best Animated Films

How do you know if an anime is worth watching? How do you know if it’s worth your time? Let’s try to answer that question as if we’re looking through the lens of a spotting scope.

High Definition


Just like the quality spotting scopes that offer high definition images to be able to be considered a great scope, the animated movie you will come across with should also be able to provide high-quality images that will help you clearly distinguish between colors and tones. If it isn’t available in HD, you might have a difficult time looking into the details of the film. Still, not all low-quality films aren’t worth watching. Some of them have a meager budget but have an excellent plot.



Can that film be used to make you laugh, cry, or remind you of the most significant things in life? Well, by all means, watch that anime! If the synopsis includes the genre you’re interested in, then that must be a movie that’s meant for you to watch. Any film can be used for a specific purpose depending on what you wish to feel that day. It’s just like choosing a spotting scope. You buy it so that you can bring a portable scope that’s not as heavy as a telescope. You purchase it to make use of its superior magnification, and so you can have a scope you can use day or night.

Reviews and Awards


Finally, check the reviews of the anime. Do they belong to a number of lists about the best animated movies? Do people who have watched it recommend it? Sure, the audience may be divided into half—positive and negative—because not everyone has the same time, but if there are more positive comments about it, then it only means it’s worth your time. If it has received and is still receiving praise from anime lovers all over the planet even if was released a long time ago, you should look forward to it all the more.

Also, check if the film has received compliments from renowned movie critics or if it has been a recipient of awards. You’ll know a particular anime is more than worthy to watch if it has won awards for its genre.

Remember those three things in mind whenever you’re spotting for a good anime movie to watch!

Want to own a spotting scope today? Ask for Peter’s advice!


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Anime That Will Inspire You to Paint

Want to be inspired to paint? These three anime series will make you visit PaintSprayerMag and purchase a paint sprayer to start painting! Not only do these animations highlight painting, they even make you appreciate what art is all about. The next time you paint your room, you’re probably going to be a lot more creative thanks to these three.

Honey and Clover


This anime aired for five months in 2005 and is originally a manga (Japanese comic book) by Chika Umino.

The story includes drawing, pottery, visual art, and other forms of art. It even won the Kodansha Manga Award in the Shoujo Category! This anime also has a live-action film and a few live-action TV versions.

The story revolves around five main characters named Ayumi, Hagumi, Shinobu, Takumi, and Yuuta, and how their lives were when they were in art school. There are love triangles among them too so expect some lovey-dovey scenes. The anime is full of art, really. It’s a masterpiece of its kind.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo ShinjuuThis anime presents the extravagance of Oriental arts. Like the previous anime, Shouwa Genroku Rakugo was initially a manga by Haruko Kumota. Thanks to Studio Deen, we can enjoy it as an anime.

The story will make you travel back to 1787. The main character of the story is Youtaro, an aspiring storyteller who just got out of prison. He wanted to be a Rakugo performer. This type of art is a traditional Japanese form of comedic storytelling where a person sits in the middle of a scenario and tells comical stories with the help of a white fan and tiny cloth.

So far, two seasons have been completed, and the third one hasn’t aired yet. If you want to have fun while appreciating art, you better start binge-watching this anime now. The mise-en-scene will even inspire you to be an artist.



Barakamon only aired from July 2014 to September 2014, but it’s on the list because of its excellent plot and the lesson you can get from it.

Originally a manga (again), this was gifted to us by the great Satsuki Yoshino—the writer and illustrator of the manga.

This anime is about Shoudo or Japanese Calligraphy, which takes several years of practice to master. It’s about Seishuu Handa, who was punished for punching a famous calligrapher. His punishment brought him to the remote island of Goto, where he has to learn how to deal with his wacky neighbors while finding his own calligraphy style. All the hardships around him challenge him as he tries to fire up his artistic side. This anime is a combination of art, comedy, and innocence. It’s one of the most loved art anime series out there, thanks to the story and the people behind it.

There you have it! Let Honey and Clover, Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, and Barakamon show you the beauty of art and inspire you to love art even more.

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Grow Tent Vs. Grow Room: Which Should I Pick?

The decision to cultivate your own plants at home may not be difficult to come up with, but the characteristics of the shelter of your plants should be carefully taken into account.

Today, we’ll tackle the four factors to consider when choosing between a grow tent and a grow room.



Can you manage to purchase larger air conditioning systems, more fans, etc. for a grow room? If not, it’s best to use a grow tent instead since they already have cuts for vents and are lightproof. Remember that it would be more expensive to lightproof a whole room than a small, medium, even a large tent just like the ones in That’s because you need more and bigger materials to make your grow room efficient. And of course, more pieces of equipment mean your electricity costs will also be huge. Will you be able to purchase everything? Does your bank account and wallet approve?

Available Space


The second thing you have to examine is the space available. Do you have an extra room for plants? Or can you only accommodate a small space for a grow tent? You should also identify how many plants you intend to cultivate at a given time. Aside from the actual size of the available space, you also have to consider whether you own the house or not. If you’re renting, then you should still ask for permission from your landlord if you’re opting for a grow room. Then it’s best to settle with a grow tent since you won’t drill or cut holes into ceilings or walls when you use a tent. A grow tent won’t destroy the floors too since they’re waterproof.


grow-tentWhat will you cultivate? Will the garden be for vegetative growth or flowering? If you answered yes to the second question, then grow tents are ideal for you—they’re excellent structures for such functions, provided it’s for personal use on a small scale.



Do you have the time to set up a grow room? Then go ahead. If you don’t have much time figuring out where to put every piece of equipment, and you’re more concerned about growing as soon as possible, then go for a grow tent. They’re more practical and comfortable to use after all.




Whatever you pick, it will all boil down to your needs as a grower and the plants’ need to blossom. Do your best to pick the right one with these factors in mind. Good luck!

Two Hayao Miyazaki Films for the Must-Watch List

My Neighbor Totoro

It will be hard to find a fan of Japanese animated movies who has not heard of Hayao Miyazaki. Widely considered as one of the greatest animation directors in Japan, he is known for a lot of iconic works that continue to delight people of all ages not just in Japan but across the globe. So if you are looking for ideas on what to watch for some holiday anime binge, here are some of his unmissable works you need to watch.

My Neighbor Totoro (1988)
You have to see the movie to understand why it has become one Hayao Miyazaki’s work. The story, which is set in a time after the war in Japan, may seem simple enough. A father with his two daughters named Satsuki and Mei moved to a village in a rural area. This was so they can stay closer to where the children’s mother is hospitalized. And it is where that Satsuki and Mei’s adventures began as they discovered the natural world around them and the adorable, magical creatures they encountered. From Totoro to the catbus and all the other mythical beings they came across, My Neighbor Totoro is a wonderful tale that will make you fall in love with Japanese anime.

Princess Mononoke (1997)
Princess Mononoke is widely-considered as Miyazaki’s greatest masterpiece. Like My Neighbor Totoro, it also features supernatural beings but with a more serious undertone. Set in Japan’s Muromachi period, it tells the story of Emishi prince Ashitaka who set out on a journey to find a cure to the curse he got from the boar god consumed by rage. It focuses on the mythical creatures who protect a forest, the people who are slowly destroying it as they use up its resources, and Princess Mononoke – the daughter of a wolf gold.

Top 2 Upcoming Animated Films

lightning mcqueen

Let’s face it.

All of us, kids or kids-at-heart, enjoy watching animated films.


These films do not only teach us how to be more compassionate with each other, but also teach us the importance of living life to the fullest. These films do not only teach us how to be more understanding of each other, but also teach us the importance of having a family or real friendship and true love.

That being said, here are the top 2 upcoming animated films:

Cars 3

If you don’t know anything about Lightning McQueen, you’re seriously missing out on one of Pixar Studios and Walt Disney Pictures’ most successful animated films of all time. Cars 3 follows the story of Lightning McQueen after getting himself kicked out in what he loves most: speed car racing. Now, the question is: With Hudson Hornet’s inspiring story from back then, will Lightning still be able to overcome his greatest challenge yet in the Piston Cup?

What To Look Out For: Pretty much like having Cars 2 Carla Veloso awesomely voice over Jeff Gorvette in the animated film’s Brazilian version, look out for more awesome voice overs in the upcoming Cars movie.

Despicable Me 3

Gru is back, along with his super-agent wife Lucy and their cute girls, in a whole new adventure! In this latest installment, the “Grucy” team must stop Balthazar Bratt – a former child star from the 1980’s who became obsessed with his previous movie role – from dominating the entire world. Adding to the already hilarious plot, Gru’s twin brother – Dru – is looking forward to one last action-packed swoop with him: to acquire the diamond Balthazar has stolen.

What To Look Out For: Who could ever forget about Bob, Kevin, and Stuart? Look out for Bob, Kevin, Stuart, and the rest of those cute Minions mixing drinks in an island – and yes, being chaotic (as usual) in Gru’s house.

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5 of the Best Japanese Animated Films You Need to Watch

Japanese animated films are a league of their own. Anyone who is a fan should be familiar with legendary Hayao Miyazaki and the famous Studio Ghibli that, along with other animators and producers, have produced some of Japan’s top-grossing and critically acclaimed animated movies in Japan. With so many to choose from, here are some of the best ones to add to your must-watch list.


Spirited Away (2001)

This Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli films tells the story of Chihiro and her journey into the spirit world. This animated movie will take you into a unique and wonderful supernatural world teeming with fascinating characters.


Grave of the Fireflies (1988)

Prepare the tissues because there is just no way you can finish this film without crying buckets of tears. As heavy as that may sound, this Isao Takahata and Studio Ghibli animated film gives a heartwrenching glimpse into the impact of war. Set in World War II, Grave of the Fireflies tells the story of two siblings struggling to survive.


My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

This animated movie is another one of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli’s best-loved works. It tells the story of two sisters and their university professor father as they moved to a new home to be closer to the hospital where their sick mother was staying. It follows their adventures as they encounter the wood and soot spirits in the area.


Princess Mononoke (1997)

This Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli animated film set in the late Muromachi period. It follows the story of Ashitaka and a female warrior he met after he left his village. Ashitaka is the last Emishi prince who is trying to make peace with the supernatural creatures of the forest and the humans living in the nearby settlement called Irontown.


Your Name (2016)

Makoto Shinkai’s animated film was a big hit not just in Japan but in many countries across the globe. It follows the story of a high school girl and a boy who live in Japan’s countryside and bustling Tokyo respectively. This body-swapping tale is a delightful and beautiful journey into the lives of the characters set in places brought to life with such an amazing attention to details.