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Grow Tent Vs. Grow Room: Which Should I Pick?

The decision to cultivate your own plants at home may not be difficult to come up with, but the characteristics of the shelter of your plants should be carefully taken into account.

Today, we’ll tackle the four factors to consider when choosing between a grow tent and a grow room.



Can you manage to purchase larger air conditioning systems, more fans, etc. for a grow room? If not, it’s best to use a grow tent instead since they already have cuts for vents and are lightproof. Remember that it would be more expensive to lightproof a whole room than a small, medium, even a large tent just like the ones in That’s because you need more and bigger materials to make your grow room efficient. And of course, more pieces of equipment mean your electricity costs will also be huge. Will you be able to purchase everything? Does your bank account and wallet approve?

Available Space


The second thing you have to examine is the space available. Do you have an extra room for plants? Or can you only accommodate a small space for a grow tent? You should also identify how many plants you intend to cultivate at a given time. Aside from the actual size of the available space, you also have to consider whether you own the house or not. If you’re renting, then you should still ask for permission from your landlord if you’re opting for a grow room. Then it’s best to settle with a grow tent since you won’t drill or cut holes into ceilings or walls when you use a tent. A grow tent won’t destroy the floors too since they’re waterproof.


grow-tentWhat will you cultivate? Will the garden be for vegetative growth or flowering? If you answered yes to the second question, then grow tents are ideal for you—they’re excellent structures for such functions, provided it’s for personal use on a small scale.



Do you have the time to set up a grow room? Then go ahead. If you don’t have much time figuring out where to put every piece of equipment, and you’re more concerned about growing as soon as possible, then go for a grow tent. They’re more practical and comfortable to use after all.




Whatever you pick, it will all boil down to your needs as a grower and the plants’ need to blossom. Do your best to pick the right one with these factors in mind. Good luck!